Become a member of the FNQBN

To subscribe to the FNQBN, please complete the following FORM. It's important to note that the first name indicated on the form will be considered as the main contact person. It will always be possible to change this information through a written request transmitted by email, at

Membership dues

The number of regular employees working in your business determines the total amount of your subscription.

Please report the number of employees, the amount of the subscription (including taxes, if applicable) in the appropriate spaces of the registration form.

Number of Employees

Membership Costs



2 to 5


6 to 25


26 to 50


51 to 100


101 to 200


201 to 500

$1 000

501 and over

$1 800

Please forward your cheque made out to the order of:

First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission

265, Place Chef Michel Laveau, bureau 200, Wendake (QC) G0A 4V0

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